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Timari Nutlee Java Jasmine


Brown dwarf female
October 13th 1999 - August 8th 2010
prcd-PRA: Normal - HD: Good - pat.lux: 0/0 - Legg Perthes: Clear

"Jasmine was a small little girl, even as a Dwarf, but she had a big personality.  She was always up for a game of fun and mischief.  She loved to go exploring and one never knew what interesting item she would find.  She was a little ray of sunshine through the 11-1/2 short years of her life.  Although she has gone to join her human Dad and Poodle parents at the Rainbow Bridge, she will always be alive in our hearts and minds.  Those of us who were lucky to know and love her, were truly blessed" 
Mother of

USCH Timari Joyview Malaika - Alia
USCH Timari Joyview Main Event - Peter
Timari Joyview Mocca Chip - Hershey

CZCH SKCH &VWW'09 Timari Wind Song - Skye
Timari Flambeau What A Thrill - Willa
Grandmother to:

USCH Timari Brown Viktor - Viktor
Timari Brown Vanya - Bella  
Timari Sequoia Temptation - Ava
Timari TÍ
te A TÍte - Kyra
Timari Trendsetter - Trent
Timari Tour De Force - Lance"
Top producer
Champion offspring:
Timari Joyview Main Event Timari Joyview Malaika Timari Wind Song
Sublime Du Clan Dammartin
Origan Du Clan Dammartin INTCH DKCH NLCH
Milamarten Gui Bono
CH Curlfinch Amanda
Pistache Du Clan Dammartin INTCH BECH FRCH
New Star Du Clan Dammartin
Aspen Applause At Castleyard
 Sarsaparillan Winning Game
Warming Brown Rigoletto
INTCH DKCH KLBCH NLCH EUW WA'90 WA'92 BESG' 91 DPKSG' 93 Curlfinch Virgil
Warming Brown Alexandre
CH Canmoy's Silhouette INTCH Canmoy's Top Scoreviva
CH Canmoy's Footsteps