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Timari Bronze Jeu D'Esprit, CD

Brown miniature male
October 3,  1999 -  December 2010

Amelia D. Compton
Toby was not only a dearly beloved pet and family member, but a Therapy Dog extraordinaire. He was a litter brother to Jasmine, who preceded him in August of this year.  Amy and I will always fondly remember how he matured from the puppy we fondly referred to as the "Plum Street Screamer" into the wonderful well rounded adult that he became.  He assisted Amy in training approximately 100 other dogs for Therapy work, and for many years accompanied her on hospital visits.  His passing has left a  deep void in our hearts, but we will always remember him with gladness.  We were blessed to have been owned by him.  He did so much good in his short time with us, and brought so much joy to so many people.
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